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Written and Directed by Vanessa Perdriau

2013 / 10 min 

A short Documentary charting the lives of Rob and Jo Gambi, who became the first married couple to achieve the ultimate adventurer's ambition when they climbed the 'Seven Summits' (the highest mountains on all seven continents) and skied to both the North and South Poles together in record time. What makes their story even more remarkable is that they achieved all this while Rob was in remission from his second bout of cancer. In spite of setbacks and facing death high in the Himalayas, they persevered and fulfilled their dreams (while unwittingly setting a string of records).

Shot on Location at Mt Blanc, Chamonix and Ealing Studios

Rob Gambi

Jo Gambi

Vanessa Perdriau Films
Producer: Vanessa Perdriau
DoP: Daryl Higgins
Production Designer: Alana O'Neill
Editors: Vanessa Perdriau

Score: David Thomas George

Officially selected for BAFTA Screening.

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